Saturday, January 8, 2011

Operation: Crib

So for a the past few months I've been dreading putting Hunter in his own bed...because he's been sleeping in our bed pretty much from day one. He'd go in his bassinet every now and then, but he'd always want to nurse at night and so it made it difficult to get him out of our bed. When he turned six months I knew that it was time to let him grow up and for Mommy to let him go.

Once the holidays were over, and sleep overs at Grandma and Grandpa's were through, "Operation: Crib" was ready to be started.

Reasons why I did NOT look forward to starting "Operation: Crib"
  • I've heard quite a few horror stories about Mom's going through hours of their baby's crying it out. Or they learned how to pull themselves up, and then they couldn't figure out how to lay back down so they just cried and cried.
  • The idea of not having him RIGHT next to me on the nights that Michael is gone REALLY freaked me out.
  • The kid LOVES to nurse! 9 times out of 10 he'd nurse himself to sleep. He won't take a binky, he won't suck his thumb, but you better believe that he will nurse!!! I was afraid I'd created a nursing monster and that he wouldn't be able to sleep without me.
  • I did not expect it to be easy or go well...there have been nights where he'd scream and scream when it came time for bed, and he was sleeping with us!
  • I was afraid that maybe he'd wake up wanting to eat, and I'd have to nurse him (not that I don't like nursing...but sleep at night is nice too, especially since I don't take naps)
  • I was going to miss the hours of snuggling all night long. (You know how babies pretty much look like angels when they sleep, well it was so nice to just open my eyes and see his little angelic face.)

Well, the first night I started at about 7pm, and the bedtime routine was set.
  • Bath time (packed full of bath toys, and his que to know that bath time is over is kissing his little bath friends goodbye and goodnight!)
  • Jam Jam time (along with a mini baby massage, and his Disney lullaby CD starts to play)
  • Bottle and "The Big Hungry Bear"
  • A little nursing time and scripture reading.
  • Bedtime prayers and then ni-night! (in bed by about 7:45. His mobile makes rainforest sounds and I leave on his lullaby CD until it runs out.)

I planned it all out, and that first night I hoped that it would all run smoothly and then we'd both be able to make the transition. Well...I did a little more than just hope...while I was getting him ready (and crying a little ha ha) I prayed for a tender mercy from our Heavenly Father. I prayed that Hunter would be okay, get a good night sleep, and basically be that good baby that every mother wishes for, and my prayer was answered. I love the times in my life when I ask for things that are somewhat simple, and may not be all that important, but Heavenly Father knew what I needed that night. I was granted one of the best tender mercy's I have ever received and I am indeed grateful. Since then Hunter has slept in his crib and it has been five days. He'll wake up once, maybe twice, but all I have to do is turn on his mobile and rub his little belly and then he'll fall back asleep. I found this to be pretty amazing for my little guy. He's not always the easiest baby, so when everything went so smoothly, I definitely knew it was because I prayed so hard!

I'm grateful for the wonderful six months that I got to spend with my little boy right by my side every single night, but I knew this time had to come and it's better for the both of us. It's a good thing he looks so cute in his little crib, and that I love him in his little room that I've decorated with such care, because that makes it a little easier to put him in there.

Operation: Crib has been a success, and although I miss my little guy, we both get a good night's sleep and it had to happen sooner or later. So all you Mom's out there that might be struggling with this situation, I wish you sincere luck! It's not always easy, but we just gotta do it! (=

BTW Being a Mom is by far the best thing in the world!!!