Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 in a nutshell...

First of all I want to say that last night, on New Years Eve, a few hours before midnight, I had a thought...I thought: there is no place that I want to be in life, except for where I am right now...

I don't want or need to give details...but I know with all me heart, that there's nothing I would change about my life right. I think about room for improvement, which is a must, but besides that, I'm happy. Thank you 2009, for giving me that thought. It was a great way to end the year!

With that being said! How do you put a year in a nutshell!? Well...I tried! ha ha ha so here it is!

TOWN OF APPLE VALLEY: I started a new job...Events Assistant for the Town of Apple Valley. Pretty much a promotion and switching of departments. Made for a GREAT year of work! Learned a lot! Worked hard! My boss turned out to be one of my best friends...made other new friends...found a job that I love...I couldn't ask for more when it comes to this part of my life!

RIALTO POLICE DEPT.: Michael finished his first full year out on the streets and only had 6 more months of probation left. (it's a standard that every new officer has to go through... year and a half of probation, and then they are free to test for special teams, change positions, etc.) It was always a goal and dream of his to join the SWAT team, and this past Sept. he achieved his goal. His determination and motivation makes him a great asset to the team. He is the youngest and newest member, but he doesn't let that get in the way of wanting and trying to be the best. He is beyond proud of his job and what he does, and is grateful to be at a job that he loves.

VEGAS: Took a trip to Vegas...I think twice...oh wait, I went three times...ha ha ha Once just for fun, in February, for Valentine's Day. Stayed at the Monte Carlo, SO nice and romantic. Good times. Michael saw his first Cirque Du Soliel "KA", and liked it! It was a nice little Valentine's trip. In March Michael ran Baker to Vegas, with his police department. An interesting adventure. In July, Janelle accompanied me in throwing my best friend Melissa a baby shower for her first baby. MY first baby shower (planning wise). TONS of fun and I was really glad that I could do that for her! (= So yay for Vegas in 2009!

DISNEYLAND: you all may or SHOULD know! I LOVE Disneyland, and last year was our first full year with Disneyland was pretty much amazing!!! Averaging it out, we...or I...pretty much went at least once a month, and a lot of times twice a month. I seriously love that place which means almost every other week ha ha. Next to NY, it's one of my favorite places on EARTH! (=

NEW YORK: Michael and I took our first big trip since we've been married. In June (singing: I like NY in about you?), we went to my all time favorite place on Earth....NY, NY. We went to Viktoria's HS graduation, she's all grown up, spent time with her family in Rye, and of course toured around the greatest city (in my strong opinion) on Earth! It made for GREAT memories, and special times. I already can't wait to go back! My heart lies in NY!

OUR HOUSE: 2009 was our first FULL year in our house. There's still some work to be done, but this year Michael almost completed the kitchen, put in granite top counters and a new sink, and now my kitchen feels like a kitchen. He just has to finish some tiling on the wall and it will be complete! Painted and decorated THREE rooms! And Michael worked on the yard, put sprinklers in, cleaned it up and hopefully our yard will see some even better days in 2010!

MUSIC: Music definitely gets it's own category since it's such a big part of my life...let's see 2009 what did you bring me??? At the beginning of the year I was at my all time high with my students. I had about 20 students, the most I've ever had! It was GREAT! I lost a few over the Summer, and taught about 15 for the second half of the year, but those students gave me the best recital that I've ever had. I guess Number 5 was my lucky number, because this past Christmas recital left me in tears...I couldn't have been more proud. I already have some new prospects for next year, and I can't wait to start again! Next to my students, I taught a music education class for Shenanigans Youth Theatre Group. That was fun, and it was great to watch the kids learn and grow. I joined a band with my very good friend Phil. As a musician it's been a learning experience...I still have TONS more to learn, but it's been fun! I sing and play the piano...I like the singing part a lot more than the piano part...but it's all good! I participated in one play, "Urinetown". I learned that I need to look in to plays before I wasn't 'my favorite play, but it was SO nice to be on stage, and to get in one last show before the baby comes. That was my year of music...very full...just how I like it. Oh and ps. I can't WAIT to teach the baby all about music!!

EVENTS: Michael had his half way to 50 Birthday! My best friend got engaged, Scott left on his mission, my brother joined the army and was sealed to his wife in the temple, three of my really good friends had babies, and two are pregnant (Two of which I threw baby showers for...FUN!) Two of my VERY good friends were baptized! Blessing beyond measure. Had three friends come to visit Breanna, Robyn and Katie, good times!..And I'm sure there's more...but how can one keep up!?

PUPPIES: We got a new puppy! His name is Bruno...after Cinderella's dog...and he is our second boxer. He's an absolute monster, but when you see his HAVE to love him!! ha ha ha He is Michaels pride and joy...seriously. Our first dog, Ella, ran away...very sad news. So we just have the two now, and it will stay that way for a very long time!

BABY TALK: Let's just say that I went through quite a few boxes of pregnancy tests...dealt with doctors appts, medications, and tests...cried...was heart broken...had doubts...learned...was humbled...and so much more. 2009 will always be remembered as my year of learning. Finally on Nov. 8th, the little test was surprisingly and shockingly positive. I cried...again...really hard, and felt the love of my Heavenly Father as I thought about the greatest blessing that he has ever given me. Our little blessing will be here on June 29th. I went through the end of the year pregnant, and I couldn't have asked for a better way to end 2009.

2010 PLANS: Have a baby...ha ha ha...Oh wait, get the baby's room ready FIRST. Ummm...really that's all the matters to me right now so I'll have to write a later blog when I really think about what I want my 2010 to look like. ha ha ha

I hope that you all had a prosperous 2009. Whether there were good and bad times...I hope you can just take the good, and may 2010 be filled with blessings, joy, and opportunities!

Happy New Year everyone!