Thursday, August 26, 2010

Here I am! Two Months Old!!

length: 23inches
weight: 11 lbs. 13 oz.
clothes:NB (although most NB jam-jams don't fit anymore because I'm too long) some 0-3/3-6, and I even try some 6 mo. clothes but they are still a little too baggy, but the length is close to my size.
diaper size: Still in size 1

My Ridiculously Good Looks

My favorite thing about this month is that I'm starting to smile! I really started to smile at about 6 weeks. It's pretty nice to be able to express my happiness! I definitely smile the most at my Mommy and Daddy.

My eyes are still a blue-ish, and it kind of looks like they are lightening up. Who knows what color they will be...

My hair is looking lighter and lighter. It almost looks like there is some red in it. It's also thinning out a little bit. I hope it doesn't thin out too much. I really like my hair. I especially love the feel of the wind blowing through it.

I'm getting pretty big...Sometimes my Daddy calls me fat boy ha ha ha My little thighs are getting a little chunky, along with the rest of my body. But I'm not too worried because I still keep growing in length. Baby fat is attractive right?

Discovering Life

  • I'm starting to "coo" a lot! I'm still getting used to this whole using my voice thing but it's pretty fun because every time I make noises Mom and Dad seem to be SO fascinated! I really like to make noises when my Dad sings to me. I know that sounds sissy, but he sings manly songs like 70's rock songs and what not.
  • I am definitely a morning boy and I love waking up and playing. I'll whine until Mom picks me up and then she'll let me sit with her in bed. I wiggle, coo, smile, yawn...and then go back to sleep. I don't know if she appreciates me waking her up so early just to play with me for a little bit, but I just can't stand laying there. I need to get up and get all of my wiggles out and then I'm good to go.
  • I discovered my thumb! But I still don't have quite enough control to suck on it all the time, or maybe I just don't want to. I also just recently started enjoying my binky. Mommy's pretty happy about this. She says, "Put a cork in it!"
  • The comment I hear the most from people is, "Wow, he's SO alert!" I've been this way since day one. Bright eyed and bushy tailed! Mom thinks I'm going to give her a run for her money because of how alert and active I am. I also hear people say that I look older and bigger than I really am. I think it's my hair...or my handsome big boy face.
  • I've started to drool...a lot! Sometimes I soak the whole front of my onesie. I don't know why I do it, but I do...and I make bubbles with my drool too. That's pretty fun.
  • I like to stand when somebody is helping me keep my balance, and I stand the most when I'm upset. I don't know why, maybe it helps me get my frustration out.
  • I am NOT a fan of tummy time. My arms aren't that strong yet so I can't hold myself up all the way. I just lay there and whine so my Mommy feels bad for me and picks me up.

My Adventures

My Blessing
This month I was blessed in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. My Dad blessed me, and gave me my name. It will be one of the greatest experiences in my life. My Mom's cousin Jesse Pew, best friend Phil Clevinger, Grandpa Mastaler, and Great Uncle Bill Hackett all stood in the circle. Mom's best friend Julie Gilmer and her family were there, her good friends Jeff and Kelly Hume, Trent, Ammiel, the whole Pew clan and of course my Grandparents. I felt very loved and I'm so grateful for the blessing that my Dad gave me. It was a very special day. My Mom even got up and bore her testimony. I remember that she said that the best thing she will be able to give her children is to live her life the best she can so that we may be able to know Christ through her. I am grateful for her testimony.

Now that I'm older, I get to go to church every Sunday! I love it! I haven't made it through one sacrament without crying yet, but at least I hold it in until the meeting is almost over. And then i go to primary with my Mommy and it's a lot of fun being with all of the primary kids. My Mom teaches the 8-9 yr. old girls. They always smile at me and tell me how cute I am! One sunday, the Bishops son told my Mom, "What a cute baby you have!" What a sweet little boy! Oh and my first time going to church for all three meetings, they reorganized the Bishopric! That was REALLY neat to see. I'm so grateful to be a part of this church.

The Park
I went to the park for the first time for Jeff and Kelly Hume's going away barbeque. It was pretty exciting. I was so excited that I couldn't even eat! (And I was pretty hungry too!)I met a lot of Mommy's friends and it was a lot fun.

National Night Out
This month I got to see Daddy at work! I saw him in his SWAT uniform, with all of his guns and everything. They did a demonstration with there big SWAT trucks. It was REALLY neat! My Daddy is my hero!

Victoria Gardens
I had a little shopping date with my Mom and Auntie. We saw puppies, went to the scrap book store, the shoe store, the book store and so much more! I did pretty well for my first big shopping experience but I got a little bit cranky towards the end and didn't want to be pushed in my stroller anymore.

So there's this thing called my car seat...and I don't like it at all!! It is for the car...and that's it! If you take me out of the car in my car seat, I won't last very long. Mom thought she'd take me to Costco and leave me in my car seat while she shopped around, and I made her pay by screaming my head off when we got in line. Everyone stared at her and she was pretty embarrassed. I do feel kinda bad...but I just can't stand my car seat!

Play Dates
I was babysat by Grandpa for the first time! Also, Ammiel (Mommy's good friend) and Dawn (one of my Mommy's students Mommy's)babysat me too! I get passed around while Mommy teaches her piano and voice students. I don't mind it. I like all my friends. Also, Grandma watched me while Mom and Dad went out for their four year anniversary. It was their first date since I was born. I'm glad they go on dates. That's what Mommy and Daddy's need. I can't for their five year anniversary. We are going to go to Disneyworld, (We are going also because Uncle Scotty's coming home from his mission) and they are bringing me with them! It's going to be a whole family affair! I can't wait!!!

Who ever thought so much could happen in two months and I'm sure I'm forgetting things. My Mom can't believe how so much fits in to such a short amount of time. I can tell that my Mom is starting to get a routine down. She's also getting used to being a stay at home Mom. Although she teaches a lot of students, she still spends a lot of time with me and at home. That's definitely the way it should be, because I love her a lot and I'm glad that she's the one taking care of me. Although Daddy is at work most of the time, I get to see him a lot too. I love my family so much and I'm really grateful to be in such a good home.