Sunday, April 11, 2010

Well...I'm packing for the hospital. I have just about one month left so I decided that I better get ready. Doing stuff like this makes it all seem so real and like it's SO close...well I guess it is close! I'm not going to lie, I'm getting a little nervous, but I'm extremely excited too. I haven't really blogged about my pregnancy so I thought I'd put these last nine months in a nutshell...

Morning sickness: I got lucky and didn't really get sick! Strong food smells would bother me, and body odors seemed a lot stronger than normal, but rating my sickness between 1 and 10 (10 being the worst) I would definitely say I was at a 3

Worst part: sciatica, especially at night when I had to roll over or get up to go to the restroom. Leg and feet cramps...cramps are horrible...Oh and being overly sensitive, emotional, and irritable...ugh I hated that.

Best part: Although there has been bad parts about being pregnant, the good has definitely out weighed the bad and I was a pretty happy camper through out the whole pregnancy. I've really REALLY enjoyed being pregnant.

Cravings: In the beginning it was popcorn, the good home made kind with not very much butter or salt. Then it was coconut, and tomatoes ( I could eat the tomatoes like apples, and I really loved spaghetti and pizza because of the sauce. ) And then fruit was also my best friend pretty much the whole way, but I'm already a big fruit fan as it is.

What I was expecting: I was expecting pregnancy to be a lot worse than it has been...although I heard that the last month is by far the I guess we'll see what happens in the next few weeks! I did expect an aching back, but it hasn't been that bad. I was expecting to be hungry all the time, but that hasn't been the case, and I was expecting to be tired all the time too, but I haven't even taken one nap! I didn't know about the sciatica so that was an unpleasant surprise, and the same for the cramps. I also didn't know that your ribs could hurt so much! But I guess since I was carrying so high that was the price I had to pay. Now that he has started to drop I feel much better. It has been good!